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Reproductive Endocrinologists are Obstetrician-Gynecologists with advanced education, research and professional skills in Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility.
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Out of Town Patients

At Fertility Specialists of Houston we pride ourselves on making our patient's comfort our priority. We strive to provide exceptional and compassionate care.

Many patients travel to Houston from other states and countries to receive treatment at Fertility Specialists of Houston (FSH). Our success rate, as well as the quality of care given by our physicians and staff will be our welcome to you worldwide.

Fertility Specialists of Houston (FSH) will make every effort to accommodate your visit with our multi-lingual, caring staff. We understand the strain and stress that often accompanies travel and that is why we will work to make your stay in the Houston area as pleasant as possible.

Below you will find some information about what to expect

  1. Your first consultation for our IVF treatments can be done via telephone at which time one of our physicians reviews your infertility history and determines the best and most effective treatment for your personal needs.

  2. After our phone conversation you will need to visit our facility for a day of comprehensive testing followed by an educational session in which you will learn about the different aspects and options regarding your IVF treatments. Upon completion of those steps our physicians will create a plan with you that will maximize your chance of pregnancy.

  3. Next your day three hormone will be tested. This blood test can be taken in your hometown, frozen, and shipped so we can measure it in our laboratories.

  4. If you are over 38 you must have a clomid challenge test which can also be taken in your hometown, frozen, and shipped to our laboratories.

  5. If you are using your own eggs for your IVF treatment you will be prescribed medications for use during the IVF cycle. You can pick-up these medications at your local pharmacy or have them mailed to you.

  6. We will coordinate your care with your local physicians as you go through the IVF cycle and begin taking your cycle medications. For an accurate assessment of how well you are doing with the fertility drugs, your physician will arrange early ultrasound and blood estrogen (estradiol) testing.

  7. Your physician can then fax these results to our Center on the day of completion for our physicians to review. One of our nurses will contact you with follow-up instructions on your medications. Most patients outside the Houston area can begin injecting the fertility drugs themselves at home.

  8. Four to six days before your egg collection procedure, we will need to see you at our Center. We will do the final blood tests, ultrasound studies and see if your eggs are mature and ready for retrieval.

  9. When your eggs are mature we will schedule your egg retrieval procedure at our center. A semen specimen will be necessary to fertilize the eggs.

  10. After the egg retrieval your embryos are grown in the IVF laboratory for three to five days.

  11. The embryo transfer will be three to five days after embryo retrieval. And you will need to remain on bed rest for 48 hours before you can return home. You may need to stay in Houston for at least 10 days, but our nurses will work with you to help plan your travel around your schedule.

  12. Finally, after the transfer you will continue on medications and a pregnancy test with your physician can then be taken 14 days after the day of the egg retrieval. The results will be sent our center the same day, so we can inform you of your pregnancy status.

  13. When you become pregnant we will keep you and your baby safe by working with your local physician to perform ultrasounds and lab tests.

Below you will find key information you will need for your travel and stay. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our services, or if you want to speak with our staff. All of us at Fertility Specialist of Houston are happy to help you in any way to start your journey to parenthood.

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